Soft Skills

Soft Skills is one of the major Training segments that enhance a person’s personality and make him or her capable to effectively interact with others. Today, soft skills training has become one of the most sought after category of training that have over the years become a necessity for one to excel in his or her personal, social and professional life. Since soft skills have a major role to play in helping an individual realize their full potential, today schools, colleges and almost all the organizations prefer to instill and impart soft skills training in their students as well as employees.

In a competitive world where soft skill training has become a need of the hour to survive in the competitive world, one needs to hone their communication skills, listening skills, telephone etiquette etc. so as to represent themselves and their companies on the global platform. Earlier considered to be required only among the front line and middle management, today soft skills are required by the top management personnel as well.

Behavioural Training

Behavioural Skills Training is an effective training package that consists of instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback. Behavioral skills training enables individuals to learn skills and practice them. Our training courses address a wide variety of topics and aim to support participants to increase their understanding of their own behavior and the impact it has on others. The participants are then exposed to models, tools, techniques and ideas in a protected or created environment, so that they get more close to the realistic situation and choose the appropriate way or tool which they can apply to their own situations. This not only enables the individual to gain confidence on the tools and ways but will also gear them up in understanding their own behavioural style and which tool or way suits them the best. The benefit  of imparting this exercise is that the individuals now not only get to know about their own behavior pattern but also about various other behavior patterns and they are now comfortable with the Skill of using the best practices, tools and ways for various tricky behavioural situations. 

Software Training

Information technology plays a very important role in any organization. Today, an organization without a proper IT Structure is considered as crippled. Just like the importance of IT in todays world, the Importance of  most important Softwares which are used every now and then in corporate world cannot be ruled  out. They are MS Powerpoint, MS Excel and MS Outlook to come first among the equals.

The names are Short but these are wonderful softwares ,doing wonders to your powerpoint presentation, Data arrangement and representation and will give your inbox a more clean, organized and clutter free look. This magical wand Creates various effects on your slideshows, Spread Sheets and inbox and also enhance the reach and impression. Many Individuals have a basic know how about these softwares. As a result, many salient yet powerful features remain unused. With this training module, you will be able to see the softwares in a much friendly Interface, will discover the unused or less known used features and functions, short Cut Key Combinations. This will enable you to explore the unexplored and will make you way more comfortable and Confident on these softwares

Technical Training

When it comes to plants or manufacturing units then Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series(OHSAS)  and Behaviour Based Safety(BBS) becomes even more important. For any place, where there is plant or machinery, where there is use of chemicals or gases or any other health hazardous equipment or material, the knowledge of OHSAS and Behaviour Based Safety is a must. It becomes an act of responsibility of the employer and the employee to be well versed with the surroundings, health hazardous materials and Ristricted Areas and the proper use of Personal Protection Equipments (PPE). 

Giving an Environment which is totally healthy, Sound and Equipped with all the safety measures is a moral, Social, Ethical and Legal Responsibility of Every Employer, failing which can lead to severe repucutions and legal panelties ending up in leading to a bad name also impacting the Goodwill of the Organisation in the longer Run. At Getting Roots, we provide you with the comprehensive training Capsules  of OHSAS and BBS which are economical in terms of cost and time and are highly impactful and Result Oriented.

Outbound/ Off-Site Training

A human mind and body is raised in a practical environment only. Do we remember the incident of playing with a lighted candle and our mother making us aware about the fire by giving a warning that we may end up burning our hand. This incident clearly displays the Importance and Involvement of Practicals in our life. We at Getting Roots, take this Creative Step of arranging Out Bound Trainings so that the trainees can feel linked and may put in their 100% to Reap 100% with the Toppings of Fun, Pleasure and the most importantly Practical Learning .The USP of Out Bound Training is that it gives you a Real Time Scenario in which you can actually figure out that how tactfully you can handle the situation and how effective it can be. Out Bound Trainings also helps in breaking the monotony and fill colours, liveliness and a whopping amount of enthusiasm. This acts as an injection which is used to over haul the way of working. Also working on the lines of “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” this concept is one of the most sought concepts where it gives you air to breathe and and also allows you to think and act creatively without any hurdles or boundaries. We look out for various places suiting to various types of requirements in and around india. These trainings not only help you go beyond boundaries but also opens the doors of creative thinking and harmony along with creating a strong bond among collegues across verticals.
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