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Communication Skills

When we talk about communication skills which is most of the time is misunderstood or under estimated and even at times taken for granted by believing that they are good with language means they have good communication skills. At times people think to an extent that now there is no scope of improvement so here let us break the myth and would like to tell you Communication skills have to be developed, honed and added to on an on-going basis.This module on communication skills would help you to understand

  • Business communication i.e. improving communication at work place while interacting with people at various levels
  • Also helps to make better interpersonal relationship to increase productivity

From facing the Interview to entertaining the client to climbing the ladder of success in any organization, communication is a prerequisite

Presentation Skills

To start with, presentation, where one should know the power of audience and at the same time with all preparation and efforts captivate them. Then it does not really matter that room has strength of 50, 500 or 5000 audience. Irrespective of age and experience it is a fact that there are situations where people have phobic experience especially while giving presentation to senior level. This module ranges from making presentation to its delivery. The utmost important element is to hold the audience with excellent public speaking skills. We use presentation skills to leave long term impact on your target audience.Here we focus on

  • Preparing presentation
  • Rules about Presenting
  • Platform skills
  • Appearance and body language
  • Using various Aids
  • Presentation skills are important in every profession but are considered of prime importance in the corporate world

    Confidence Building

    If any of you think you are low in confidence or probably at some situations you start fumble and get nervous then we can be a help to you.Our training promises you a positive change when it comes to facing people and communicating with them. In this program, we will focus on

    • How to learn from failure
    • Talk and act with confidence
    • Self confidence to be self motivated
    • Be assertive
    • Positive body language

    Grooming and Etiquette

    As they say, a beautiful house makes your world beautiful, likewise, grooming is one of the most essential things to bring in your personality if you are thinking to have a say in corporate sector. Not only is grooming required to bring out the right attitude and positivity in yourself but it creates a lasting impression on the people around you. One should be groomed from head to toe. This includes what to wear during regular days in office, during an event and on weekends including what to wear as casuals. Often people with little or no knowledge of grooming & etiquette end up being a dressing disaster in offices. This gives a reason for other officials to raise an eye brow to such office faux pas. In such situations when you know little of grooming, the module comes to your rescue. The grooming tips by our experts help in giving a transformational edge in your looks and personality.

    Resume Writing

    Resume is a first interaction with the prospective employee therefore it is very important to leave an impact with this written advertisement. So we will help you with guidelines and offer you the most basic principles of writing a highly effective resume.Practically speaking most resumes in the pile only gets a quick glance so if you want yours to be read, from beginning to end, we hope that we would give you the basic tools that will surely help you in creating and customizing resume as per you industry.

  • Resume Writing Format
  • Cover Letters
  • List of Sample Resumes
  • Tips to make effective resume
  • Group Discussion

    Group discussion is one stimulated exercise, where preparation is must. From getting a seat in best college to getting a best job it’s one of the selection procedures to be followed. We are not talking about the traditional group discussion because there is paradigm change and organizations follow various techniques ranging from case base discussion to brain storming session.If you think that you are low in confidence while interrupting others or keeping your view in front of others then this modules can be of great help because talking about the corporate world its a belief that group is the best way to solve the problem. If an individual is not participative that becomes burden for the groupIn this module we focus on:

    • Type of group discussion
    • Roles in group discussion
    • Tips to handle GD

    Interview Skills

    Another step or we can say another evaluation procedure followed by the organizations while taking the important decision of choosing the right candidate for the right job. It’s been observed that interviewers develop an impression of a candidate in the first few minutes of the meeting, and spend the rest of the interview confirming their initial impression. Therefore initial few minutes are very critical for interviewee and the only solution is right Practice!We prepare in such a way that you know various techniques to can handle the nervousness and at the same time Observe and analyse the interviewer so that you can built rapport in this module we focus on:Getting a right job, after looking at the current market scenario we can say is very competitive.This module helps budding professionals from various fields to prepare themselves for the interview questions with best answer.

    Spoken English

    English is a language which is very necessary in order to sustain in today’s corporate world. Whether it’s about representing your company or it’s about giving any demonstration, English leaves a shining impact on the client. English today is no more a foreign language as we need English in interviews, meetings, presentations, demonstrations almost everywhere.

    The problem faced by today’s youth is that when it comes to written English, they are very good at it, but when it comes to spoken English, they are nowhere to be seen. GETTING ROOTS SPOKEN ENGLISH module gives you the wings to fly across all the hurdles and helps you rise as a shining beacon of hope and become sparkling and unmatched personality, which you have always dreamt of. You will also be able to speak flawless and fluent English. You will not hide anymore. You will transform yourself from an opportunity repeller to a opportunity magnet

    Personality Development

    The very first thing which gets noticed about you is your personality. It is not just about your looks, it’s about your overall persona. The way you walk, talk, sit, stand, eat, gaze, deal, demonstrate and carry yourself matters a lot. Everyone has certain strong areas and certain areas of improvement. Believing that, GETTING ROOTS PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT module gives you the extra edge to identify your areas of improvement and helps you to progress.

    The overall developed personality is not only liked by all but it also gives the person a hand above others and the “X FACTOR”. A developed personality attracts people for trustworthiness, belongingness, honour, respect and charm. The sheen and glaze once achieved can leave a long lasting impression on the world and takes ages to fade away. You will be able to pull people towards you rather pushing yourself towards them

    Problem Solving and Decision Making

    When you are living in a world, where there is lot of expectation and competition, you ought to face problems. Dealing with a problem and trying to overcome is a natural phenomenon. However, if you are not aware about the right way to deal with problems and getting over with it, you will have to face a lot of pressure, tension and stress. In order to handle critical situations, one needs to gear up and train the mind with scientific and psychological techniques to ease one’s life. There are various techniques for not just identifying the problem but also about, reaching the root cause and solving it. GETTING ROOTS PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING module helps you to learn these techniques and practice them in your life, so that you become the master of the situation and remain balanced in adverse as well as favorable circumstances

    The 7 ways to success

    Inspired from the book “ THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE” by LATE Mr. STEPHEN R. COVEY, this module talks about how to organize vivid tasks around you to be more successful. This module is precisely crafted around certain ways with which one can, not just enhance the performance but can also be a step ahead always. It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. A paradigm shift in the approach can do things extraordinarily. Though there are various ways to achieving success, however based on our research, we have identified 7 ways which make one an expert and successful in their own arena. The seven fronts or seven segments of life are very important and a change in these fronts can make you from BETTER to BEST. GETTING ROOTS’ THE 7 WAYS TO SUCCESS Module gives you an insight about these seven fronts, identifies which of your areas are weak and then gives ways to help you transform from weaker to a stronger one.

    Campus to Corporate Transission

    Every game has its rules. There are rules which are applicable to everyone however there are certain rules which change on the basis of time & situation. This module talks about the ways with which you can smoothly transit from your college life to your corporate life. This module is specifically crafted for the students for their efficient, effective and smooth transitioning. There is a change in every aspect when it comes to life in a campus and life in a corporate. What corporate expect out from a fresher, how corporate work, their agenda, the requisites, everything, a fresher should be aware about all these aspects as the fresher needs to work there. GETTING ROOTS CAMPUS TO CORPORATE module helps the fresher to learn so that they do not face any difficulty in their transition and transformation.

    Self Management

    People often say that in order to be successful, one needs to learn the art of Time Management. Honestly, there is no one in this world to manage time. However, we can manage our self, our action according to time. Self management is very important as we get 24 hours in each day and we need to manage our tasks in these 24 hours, else they will get shifted to the next day. In order to be at pace with time, we need to manage ourselves. There are a lot of questions which arise in our mind that what all task to be done now and which later, what all tasks to be done by self and what all tasks to be allotted to others. There are a lot of questions regarding prioritization, scheduling etc. To do all these things, we need a good planning. All these things will not be beneficial if there is no proper execution. GETTING ROOTS SELF MANAGEMENT module helps you gain more knowledge about self and work pattern also enables you for a better execution of a day so that you live life hassle free.

    Management Development Workshops

    In any organization, there are various departments performing vivid tasks and duties. To ensure that everything falls in place and the movement continuous smoothly, we need a set of people who can manage these things. Their task in to ensure that everything gets managed. It is a task which needs constant supervision. Performing the duty 23 hours continuously does not ensure the performance of 24th hour. These jobs require people to be on their toes round the clock. The kind of work they do makes their professional life less progressive and juiceless leading to reduction in sensitivity. GETTING ROOTS MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS allows the management of your organization to regain that energy, spark and passion with doses of laughter, fun and enjoyment. This not only fills your management staff with joy and energy but also load them with various innovative techniques which are happening across the globe bringing your management at par with global parameters.

    Faculty Development Workshops

    Good Faculty is the prime requisite of an educational institution. Having great knowledge and multiple degrees are not enough to be a good faculty. Transferring that knowledge to students in an innovative and contemporary manner brings the change. The faculty should be aware about the latest methodologies, pedagogy, styles, techniques and andregogy happening in the world so that they can keep themselves updated. In today’s scenario, when you are dealing with humans, a great faculty must possess basic psychological know how in order to go deeper in the thought process of students and help them penetrate change in their thinking. GETTING ROOTS FACULTY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS will provide you with the exposure to the techniques used globally, latest styles and trends in teaching and training. All these things are the part of the bouquet along with a lot fun activities in order to learn with fun.

    Stress Management

    Stress if we talk about is a state of mind which is of course is not favourable for both individuals and organizations. But talking about the work pressure it is very importance to have a right mind and body balance for best performance at work. People faces stress related problems are most of the time are not even aware of it which is even worse.Time to time programmes on stress management helps people to:

  • Learn the techniques to manage stress
  • Various factors affecting body changes
  • Stress and productivity
  • Work life balance

    Goal Setting

    A river without direction and with huge current will bring devastation and destruction but the same river with a direction brings prosperity, happiness, greenery and contentment. A human’s life is no different from the river and goals act as the direction for one’s life’s betterment. Goal setting not only give you a direction but also give you a push to achieve the goals via planning, organizing, delegating and controlling. You would feel a difference in each day you pass by due to the reducing distance between you and the goal to be achieved. Getting Roots’ Goal setting module aids you with the concept clarity that how a desire is different from a goal, how you can convert your desires into goals, the importance of effective planning and determined execution of the plan. Achievement of goals injects you with a huge dose of self-confidence, self – belief, experienced thought process, self – reliance and a feeling of relaxation along with a sigh of everything in command. All these make you feel at ease, focused and oriented round the clock.

    Mock Recruitment Drives

    We always talk about hard work, practice & dedication. However, we don’t think out of the box. Here we are with a right solution we create an artificial environment of a Campus Drive, where students participate just like a Campus Interview. We follow the standard protocol & structure of Group Discussions, Interview etc. and then we critically evaluate the performance of the students & give them feedback. This , not only gives the exposure or experience to the candidate, Infact, it also shows the mirror to the candidate that where he/she is standing. This is the best feedback which helps the candidate to upscale & uplift his/her performance.

    Train The Teacher Workshops

    Getting Roots’ elite Train the Teacher Programs are designed in a set pattern to enable the teachers learn the right way of teaching. The programs are aimed at developing skills of the faculty which are generally not covered in their technical areas of expertise.

    There are two levels of programs based on experience of faculty :

    • Standard Faculty Development Program (S.F.D.P.) - Basic Level
    • Extreme Faculty Development Program (E.F.D.P.) - Advance Level

    These programs focus on various training & teaching techniques, platform skills, time management, topic management, latest pedagogy and andragogy for yielding better results. Teachers today are considered as a role model and source of inspiration for many. So it becomes crucial for the teachers to be on the toes all the time. In this module, we also gear them up with the art of managing conflicts, enhancing their effectiveness with latest industry driven styles.

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