The Team Dynamo

The Team Dynamo

As the program itself explains, team dynamics are the unconscious and deep rooted mind forces that give any team a specific direction to perform by inducing behavioural changes in the people making the team. The team dynamics helps the people to sail the boat in a particular desired direction against the haywire undercurrents of the sea.Composition of Team dynamics

Majorly, the components of any team dynamics include - nature of work of the team, personalities of the people comprising the team and their inter-personal relationships along with the environment in which they work.

The team dynamics not only have an important role to play in the working life but they also significantly impact the profitability of any organization, the staff retention, company’s market value and its reputation and whether people enjoy their work in an organization.

At Getting Roots, we have strategies that improve team dynamics and bring out the best that a team can offer to their organization. These include:

  1. Understanding your team – the SWOT analysis of the group
  2. Understanding the problems being faced by the team
  3. Tackling problems quickly and effectively
  4. Involving the division of labour strategy among team members
  5. Breaking down barriers through Jo-Hari Window tool
  6. Enhancing effective communication among group members
  7. Paying attention to the organization goals and objectives
  8. Stressing upon working conjointly and not on individual goals


Marketing Basics

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Hard

We also will spend a short time on the history of marketing and see how it has evolved from a process centered on simply getting as many people as possible to purchase a product to today’s highly complex efforts designed to build long term customer relationships.

Marketing Research

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Standard

Note that in this tutorial we use the terms “marketing research” and “market research” interchangeably. Many feel there is a distinct difference, with “marketing research” covering a broader array of research efforts associated with marketing decisions while “market research” is specific to understanding nuances of a particular market. For the purpose of this tutorial we treat these as the same.

Customers & Markets

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Standard

In general terms, a customer is a person or organization that a marketer believes will benefit from the goods and services offered by the marketer’s organization. As this definition suggests, a customer is not necessarily someone who is currently purchasing from the marketer. In fact, customers may fall into one of three customer groups.

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