The Majestic Manager

The Majestic Manager

“Majestic Manager”, as the term suggests, refers to a person having all the qualities to lead a group in an organization through his/her managerial skills. It is one of the most influential Signature programs designed by our experts for the holistic development of managers. We enhance their overall personalities by incorporating our various power packed modules to get a knack of the all the things that our required for becoming a “majestic” manager.We have a definite set of modules under “The Majestic Manager” program which include Time Management, Leadership, Understanding Team Dynamics, Public Relations, Valuing Relationships among a few others. These not only equip you with the skills required to become an efficient manager but also make you capable to handle your team dexterously. As they say, a skill learnt is a skill transferred, there will be enhancement of human resource potential and will help you to realize your own potential to the fullest.

With the highly experienced pool of trainers at Getting Roots, we make sure that each of our clients is given the best of our services and benefitted with the skills that our trainers have. We use the best of the course curriculum, the appropriate pedagogy and andragogy so that expert trainers impart the best of the knowledge and ensure that our participants make the most out of training sessions.      


How to hold the guitar

Complexity: Easy

Learn the correct way to hold your new guitar, and how to adjust the guitar’s position to best play different styles of strumming, finger picking or other guitar playing techniques.

Using the Fretboard

Complexity: Easy

What is a fretboard and, for that matter, just what are these “frets” anyways? This lesson explains these in detail.

Parts of the guitar

Complexity: Easy

What are the parts that make up a guitar and how do they all work?

How to use an electronic tuner

Complexity: Standard

Get your guitar in tune using an electronic tuner… you don’t need to have perfect pitch to tune your guitar perfectly.

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