Executive Coaching

In a competitive and ever demanding business environment, have you ever felt “stuck” as if you needed an external support to keep you moving and to take the organization forward? There might have been certain circumstances where you would have felt the need to unlock the world, but you would have stumbled upon that “something” to unleash in you to take both you and your organization to the next level.

Executive Coaching is that “key” which helps individuals to take them to the step where they want themselves and their organizations to be. It bridges the gap between what an individual is and what an individual and his/her organization needs to reach.

Planning Coaching

Planning Coaching involves a unique way of developing a plan for improving learning and work-performance of employees in different work sectors. It involves a combination of assessment results, learning toolkits and a proper guidance by a coach to frame a high-development coaching plan.

Planning Coaching can help many people working in various types of jobs. It is not only a cost-effective and time-saving method employed to people working in various organizations but it also helps individuals in finding out their strengths and areas of improvement which are unique to each individual, while the coaching plan is being practiced. It is thus a program designed for employees at all the levels, be it exempt professionals or senior level employees. It is therefore an action-oriented, practical plan directed towards ensuring success to individuals by making them competent in their field.


Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is one of the highly influential ways of coaching by which the development and action planning for a person is facilitated by the Coach to help an individual obtain the desired changes in his/ her life, as anticipated by the client. It is neither an advice giving approach nor does it involve sharing of any opinions by the coach, rather it helps an individual move at his/ her pace thereby helping the client build a trusting relationship with the coach.

Our Approach

The main approach to performance coaching includes skills that need to be practiced in performance psychology. In order to make professionals competent, we incorporate various ways of building and sustaining effective coaching relationship by using various techniques in our Performance Coaching programs.

Skills Coaching

Skills Coaching lays stress on the core skills that are to be imparted in a person so as to help them perform their role effectively in their organisation. The just-in-time, flexible and adaptive approach to skills development is the main feature of Skills Coaching. The key to skills coaching is thus to lay stress on enhancing the skills which are latent in an individual so as to help them grow and work effectively in their organization.

Our Approach

We have an objective specific approach to enhancing the skills of our clients. We have Skill Coaching sessions tailor-made for the individuals who need to hone their skills in a particular field as per the requirements of their organisation.


Transfomational Coaching

On the lines of Life Coaching, Transformational Coaching involves helping people better their lives by bringing in changes that are necessary for their development. The Coach acts as a catalyst in helping the clients change the perspective with which they see themselves. This may include making the client know their own self-image or their perception of analyzing themselves and its limitations.

Our Approach

The main approach with which the Transformational Coach works is helping the client inculcate a few important characteristics in themselves such as making the clients expert at both verbal and non-verbal communication, feel motivated, making them a good decision maker, understanding, inspirational and non-judgemental.

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