Getting Roots Philosophy

The foundation of a Training Organization is often an act of faith and in the expression of that faith lies in a remarkable philosophy that guides the actions of those who fashion and manage such j training organizations. The purpose behind the inception of Getting Roots, as envisioned by its CEO, Beenu Kumar Taneja, was to create a high priority national asset fully equipped to develop our young and established human resources, to meet the needs of our wealth-creating business organizations. 

At Getting Roots, we truly believe that L.I.F.E. (Learning is For Ever) that begins with innovation. We are fully mindful of our responsibility to transform what we know into useful practice. We strive to integrate and share what we know with our Trainees, Clients, and others. Our passion for learning is unrelenting by intellectual inquisitiveness, and we endeavour to instil this same passion in our students by actively engaging them in their own learning by setting high expectations for academic achievement and by mentoring.


We consign special emphasis on the holistic development of our Trainees. Our focus lies not only in imparting knowledge, attitudes and skills of management relevant to business but also in developing the overall personality of our Trainees by providing a rich and vibrant learning environment and practical implementation from the experiential learning. we encourage them to embrace change and experiment with new ideas. Our Personality Development Programme is designed to provide rigorous exposure to our budding managers in the areas of Inter Personal Communication, Business Etiquette, Time and Stress Management, Leadership Skills, Decision Making etc. These all weapons will make them not only sustain in the battleground but also to win the battle.


The Company was founded in 2007 with a clear vision and purpose. It was envisioned that in the predictable future it would advance into a world class Training Company recognized for its commitment to high powered quality Training and Development within the reach of individuals. We also committed ourselves to developing outstanding professionals and entrepreneurs who exemplify humanistic values, are socially responsible Sailors and create and propagate experiential learning that will fortify society. With the help of training, one can not only perform his/ her task efficiently but effectively as well. Training bridges the gap between where you are and one step further. In the complete industry, the importance of training cannot be ignored. People recommend, suggest and undergo various training in order to up scale their level in personal and professional life. If a question is been asked that now will you reach on the next level of a building without escalators or lifts? The simple answer will be “Climbing the Stairs” The answer seen to be innocent and authentic because this exhibits the Eternal Truth.


Getting Roots Coaching & Training Pvt. Ltd. is a high impact training organization, which looks at challenges from different perspective and offer appropriate customized training solutions. We advocate and encourage challenging what we take for granted. Our challenges are new, so we must think new and act new. At the heart of our challenge is to reconstitute our sense of ability and intelligence. There is a huge difference between what we are taught in our colleges and the way we actually use that knowledge in the workplace. To address the impending crisis of human resources, we develop unique training methodologies where we focus on creating a condition, like a farmer, under which they will begin to flourish. Getting Roots was formed in September 2012 by a dedicated team of professionals & trainers across industries, with immense experience and an aim to provide a complete learning solution which would be cost efficient and Cost Effective, and enable our clients to concentrate on their mainstream activities. We specialize in developing the full potential of one of the most valuable assets any organization possesses – Human Resource & Knowledge

Vision, Missions and Policies

Nurturing, Managing and Delivering trained, future ready human resources to fulfill the ever growing need of well groomed, highly productive workforce for the nation building.
  • Help organizations to identify talent; and nurture, manage and retain them to foster sustainable growth
  • Help educational institutions meet the ever growing industry requirements by ensuring continuous supply of industry ready resources.
  • Transform and empower youth and making them future ready.
  • Effectively address the biggest challenge to the nation – The Education-Employment Gap

  • Complete focus on serving our client with a commitment to exceed their expectations.
  • Timely delivery. For us, time is the most valuable aspect of life.
  • To be Ethical, Sincere and Open in our dealings.
  • A commitment to be objective and transaction-oriented, thereby earning trust and respect.
  • A commitment to business excellence, demonstrated by a focus on results, innovation, quality, speed and the highest standard of business ethics.
  • A real sense of social responsibilities.

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